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  • What are the benefits of installing attic stairs?

    Storage space is a precious resource. Most homeowners require extra space to store seasonal items, unused bulky goods and other light-weight belongings. By renovating your attic you can create space to safely store your unneeded belongings and eradicate any safety concerns surrounding using your ceiling space (wobbly ladders etc). The installation of attic stairs can also increase the value and desirability of your home and allow you to potentially save money on storage rental fees.

  • Where should I place the attic stairs?

    At Attic Install we generally recommend installing your attic stairs where the space inside the roof is the highest. Each case is different though and there are exceptions. We prefer to do a site visit first to find out what will work best in your home before giving you a no obligation quote.

  • Is it going to affect the structural integrity of my roof?

    It is very important that the structural elements of your home are left as they are. From time to time we may need to amend non-structural members such as ceiling battens but the structural elements such as lintels and trusses are left as is.

  • Is aluminium or timber best?

    Aluminium and timber are both good options when renovating your attic space. Choosing one option depends on the frequency of use and personal preference. After discussing your storage space needs we will be able to make a recommendation to you.

  • How much weight can I put in my roof?

    How much weight you can put in your roof comes down to common sense. We generally suggest storing seasonal goods. As mentioned before if you plan to store very heavy items in your roof you will need to submit plans to gain permission for this.

  • What units do Attic Install prefer?

    We are committed to supplying our customers the best products available on the market. Having done extensive market research and installed various units we have a good range of units to fit the different needs of our customs. Unit selections are based on the type of space we are dealing with. Whether we need a ladder with extra reach to get to a high roof or whether we are dealing with a tight space. We suggest to our clients that if they are going away for some time that the attic is a good place to ensure valuables are kept safe.

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